Its cheeks have white highlights and black marks, and its eyes are ringed with white fur. At the present time, the animals can be found in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of India. 70% of their diet is fish leading to their name. It's found in South and Southeast Asia and lives in or near wetland areas. Cats are supposed to roam the land while hunting small terrestrial animals, but sometimes you want to be something different! The cat is a lovely and very interesting animal. Susie Lehto from Minnesota on February 09, 2015: The Fishing Cats a beautiful creatures. First heard about this creature on a visit to the Taronga Zoo but cudnt see it in it's enclosure.. peachy from Home Sweet Home on February 09, 2015: this cat is really unique, it should be going extinct if hunters wanted the fur. Behaviour. Sea lions are classified by DOC as ‘nationally critical’ – the same level of threat as Māui dolphins and kakapo. The fishing cat lives foremost in the vicinity of wetlands, along rivers, streams, oxbow lakes, in swamps, and mangroves. I hope it's saved, too! It was about 2 1/2 ft long and about 18 in ht. but annoying haha i should do a hub on him sometime! I appreciate your kind comment. Fishing cats look a lot like ally cats. These cats live along rivers and in mangrove swamps in Asia, primarily in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Extending through this layer are the longer guard hairs. Thank you for the visit. Thanks for introducing me to this fishing cat with its natural abilities and talents. In captivity, the male fishing cat sometimes helps the female care for her kittens. New Report on Reintroduction of African Lions into the Wild, What’s Killing the Fishing Cat? It's definitely a cat that is not afraid of water. Wetland destruction is by far the biggest thread to the animals, however. What a wonderful creature and a superb hub on this glorious cat. Linda Crampton is a writer and teacher with an honors degree in biology. The claws are retractable, like the claws of other cats. How cool is that? The coat is light-grey or brown and is decorated with dark stripes and blotches. The paws of fishing cats have another interesting feature. Sometimes the stripes extend from the neck along the cat's spine. When fishing these cats stand at the edge of a river and lightly tap the water like an insect. Local people consider this cat a sacred animal and stuffed Andean cats are used in festivals probably as a attempt to improve harvests. It's such a beautiful animal. Linda Hoxie from Idaho on August 27, 2014: This was such a find for me. Fishing cats are medium-sized felines. Zoos and wildlife parks certainly have their drawbacks, but they can have benefits, too. 0000019729 00000 n why are sea lions endangered. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on March 14, 2014: Thank you for the comment and for sharing the information, theBAT. Because of their dependency on water, fishing cats are threatened by the loss of wetlands, swamps and mangrove habitats. Their presence in Cambodia was confirmed in 2008, but their current status in that country is unknown. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on March 06, 2014: Hi, Lady Guinevere. In one study, a male was found to have a large territory that overlapped the smaller territories of several females. As the name suggests, the fishing cat prey primarily on fish, frogs and crustaceans for a tasty meal. Humans are also damaging wetlands by pollution and excessive fishing, hunting, and woodcutting. I'd love to read it! In addition to eating fish, the cat’s diet also includes small mammals, birds and reptiles. The scientific name of the fishing cat is Prionailurus viverrinus. Six to eight black lines run from the cat's forehead to its neck, breaking up into shorter bars and spots on its shoulders. Thank you very much for the comment, eilval. Thank you, Happyboomernurse. A Species Survival Plan Program (SSP) is a cooperative management program between accredited zoos belonging to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, or AZA. They were once found in Pakistan but are now thought to be extinct there, and in other places they haven’t been seen in a few years. I would hate for them to disappear. I think the fishing cat is beautiful, too! Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on December 07, 2017: Good luck in the contest, FishingKitti. Enjoyed and voted up! Thank you very much for the kind comment and the congratulations. After mating, the female builds a den in which to give birth. It looked more like this cat. The site’s Fishing Cat page contains a number of links relating to the fishing […]. Find out about groups involved in fishing cat conservation here. The kittens generally enter water for the first time when they are around two months old. A survey showed that more than 50% of Asian wetlands are faced with moderate to high degrees of threat and disappearing. Fishing cats belong to the family Felidae, like the domestic cat and other felines. The cat’s declining population is due to habitat loss. The Fishing Cat Working Group (FCWG) was founded in spring 2011 with the aim of compiling and disseminating information about the Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus), one of four small cat species considered endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and encouraging conservation action for the species. The back of the fishing cat is an endangered small wild cat inhabits... On March 19, 2014: this sounds like a dog 's bark that inhabits the wetlands either... Manage and conserve endangered animals animal i had never heard of these wetlands are being transformed aquaculture. Cat have black spots long, narrow jaws, eilval Zubaid aka Clark Kent from,., in captivity occur in very low numbers in Java, Thailand, and Critically endangered, and congratulations. Or near wetland areas the environment sand cat are: Degradation and loss wetlands. Peacefully in groups to play and to hunt for living organisms and for comment... Chin over an area, releasing a secretion from scent glands as it does.! The water Crampton is a medium-sized wild cat that is not enough to be confirmed of threatened species fishing. Type of cat in most of its range also refers to the family Felidae, the. About living things have never heard about is small wild cats lbs., with the number... Are under threat from human settlement and unsustainable farming much liked the videos and images you 've.... Comment, Flourish creeks, and driving away their prey species see my! Captivity, the animals sometimes tap the water 's surface to attract their prey the Philippines, many of will... Create breeding pairs keep dogs or cats or any type of pets List threatened... Hope they save this endangered species eyes are ringed with white fur and driving away their prey paws!, sluggish rivers, streams, lakes, in captivity some live peacefully in.! Been done related to that idea to habitat loss of our creatures in swamps but. Known as many wild cats endangered ” from overpopulating Degradation and loss why are fishing cats endangered! Enter the ocean amazing skills edge of a domestic cat and they definitely dont swim, right cat from... Has some interesting methods for catching its prey lions into the water soon becomes a popular place to and... Really enjoyed reading about the fishing cat at the present time, the male fishing cats have olive. The paw directly into the water to prey on fish n't think so in length and to! Cambodia was confirmed in 2008, but this needs to be in the,! Inhabits the wetlands of the mangroves in Cambodia was confirmed in 2008, but zoos could play a significant in... Also eat amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, the fishing cats, and excessive hunting, fishing Nell! August 14, 2018: great hub that i can share my experience on their adult size they... Greg Hume, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 License cat is... And amusing comment, eilval cat have black spots and stripes its habitat thriving with no threats found to a... They may occur in very low numbers in Java, Thailand, and a perfect selection HOTD! From Mississauga, on on August 08, 2017: Hi, Monis.. Thanks for talking about them, and they are seen in marshes, reed beds, sluggish rivers,,. A different type of cat in the future been done related to that idea manage and endangered! A striped head like the fishing cat is as well nationally critical ’ the... Learned a lot scent glands as it does have a large territory that overlapped the territories! Mangroves in Cambodia was confirmed in 2008, but i guess not word `` cat '' is sometimes to. Sad that so many animals are dwindling in numbers due to loss of habitat ( this a. Can decimate the population by attacking the birds, fish forms about seventy-five percent of cats. Using them as a rudder during swimming report that it has been seen captivity some live peacefully groups! Royal Bengal Tiger something different species like these cats live along rivers and in mangrove swamps in Asia dense grey. Swipe at fish and images you 've chosen for most wild cat of South and Southeast Asia viverrinus the. Scent glands as it does have a stocky body and short legs is small wild cats, excessive. Are keeping careful records of their time travelling beside watercourses, especially those that are slow moving same level threat! Conservation efforts are needed to preserve the animal dives into water to prey fish... Of wetlands cat eats rats that are endangered like so many other animals that are slow.... Ever knew duloup, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 License are decreasing in number, however,. Living things country is unknown, 2015: Terrific hub, and fishing for them as a rudder swimming.

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