It had the flavors Lavender, Basil, and Lemon Verbena. . Fingers crossed! Win win! I’m anxious to try these you listed! So if you like one you might like the other. Also love apple cider and lilac! Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Dish Soap: Radish Scent (3-Pack) A grease-cutting soap whose crisp radish scent actually makes us look forward to doing the dishes. I’ll have to try some of the new scents from the list though, a lot of them I haven’t tried! The washer crystals are amazing!! Peony!!! I got Rosemary dish soap which when I got it home out of the over perfumed soaps aisle smelled like the forest floor in autumn – vaguely rotting in a strangely pleasant way – and the Radish hand soap which smells like hot black pepper to me and clings to my hands WAY too long… I had to retire it and figure out other ways to dilute and use it up. Full Disclosure on Sponsorships & Affiliates, Casual Friday | Holiday Recap + December’s Video Recap, How We Keep Our Floors Clean with A Big, Hairy Dog (and 3 little kids), Everything and the Kitchen Sink (And Faucet!) This list is extremely trustworthy considering scents are something that can’t be experienced through a computer. Season, I absolutely love mum! I have to admit though that sometimes whether or not I like the scent varies by product, and I can’t figure out why! Sadly, Grove seems to be out of compassion flower so I’ll have to try it another time, but I can’t wait to try radish, basil, and honeysuckle. I love this produce because I feel comfortable with my kids being able to use it. The ones I tried and like are Lavender, Geranium, Iowa Pine, Orange Clove, Honeysuckle, Radish, and Lemon Verbena. We hope you feel welcome and maybe find inspiration, because we should all love where we live.". I had a hard choice picking between my 2 faves. I believe it was a limited edition, but oh man, I think that one’s my favorite so far! Needless to say, we gave away the surface cleaner and soap in pumpkin . Apple Cider is my absolute favorite, peppermint is my runner up. I love all the scents and really haven’t found one to be a loser . Peppermint and Apple Cider! Only available while supplies last. I had to put it away. Agreed!! I’m new to Grove, and just received my items. Sorry. I could only rank the ones available, unfortunately. My next favorite is bluebell. I’ve heard nothing but awesome comments!! Haha! Here’s my conclusion: Mrs. meyer’s scents are really off. I stock up on peppermint and apple cider when they are available. Right now, Grove Collaborative, our favorite site to get clean cleaning products (we’re obsessed with their wool dryer balls! We used to use the lavender counter spray religiously until I realized it kept making me cough/choke every time I sprayed it. I love ALL Mrs. Meyers products! I’m obsessed! YES!! I chose radish (for everything), for lotion – basil for sure and cleaning -lemonn verbina! Oh i love the lemon verbena! Not to worry though, it smells like urine! Radish is also nice. What is your recommendation on products? Would love to try my friend uses it is she loves it. Love basil! It smelled so off that I ran around checking my kitchen for a gas leak, and my husband asked if I had just sprayed for ants. I use Radish or Mint (so good!) Happy I gave them a try. I’m a MM fan girl, but Pumpkin is just plain awful. My favorite is the Rosemary scent! Mrs. Meyer… The only product I buy from them is the fabric softener sheets in Lemon Verbena . My favorite was apple cider which wasn’t on the list but should have been, its scent is amazing. I love this prep is product. My all time favorite is not listed: Peony it’s THE best Mrs. Meyer’s scent. My absolute favorite is Iowa Pine. For the record, my favorite all time Mrs Meyers fragrance was CRANBERRY. I love all pine smelling things in life so I revel in … My teenage son ask for the hand soap all year long. It's been my go to scent for years from them! I miss it. It wasn’t available when we were ranking. My fav!! To me it is so fresh and clean. I just recently received my first order and am obsessed with honeysuckle! $4.99. Very helpful, will definitely try some I wouldn’t have thought to try at all :). During the year, I love the honeysuckle! There are no regulations in this market so any company can call their product ‘clean’ but companies like Mrs Meyers who use mostly clean ingredients but then dump in artificial fragrance aren’t doing anyone favors. I also enjoy the Geranium scent buts it’s hard to find. Yes, This exactly. Hands down apple cider….. And so difficult to find but oh my!!!! Lol. The hand soap was devine….I’ve never smelled anything like it. Just ordered! True clowns will say flowers — specifically, geranium, the most intense flower variety of the bunch. I always loved these products. I was so disappointed. What Happened to LILAC! I can only use the peppermint. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. This whole list is wrong. Fun to see your thoughts on this! I also chose the lavender bar for the master bathroom. The lavender surprised me as well. :( I’d like to give Mrs. Meyers a chance, it cleaned my dishes very well (The Lavender) but now my silicone utensils smell like the dish soap, maybe I just need to use less of it, or water it down, IDK? That’s a lot of freebies and you get to choose whatever scent you want of the Mrs. Meyers. Their scents are amazing and non-toxic! I chose the Honeysuckle and now I’m interested in trying the Compassion Flower. Grove has whole line of compassion flower now! I have to say though- I respectfully disagree on the pumpkin! Off to go clean my whole house with Radish! Is it hard to get the essential oil? ;) It’s my #1 MM scent! Proceed with caution if you like your soaps subtle. Jumpstart your holiday shopping with gift guides, deals, and more! But I have these sprays all over the house. I only was able to rate the ones Grove had available. When I first started using them I felt so relieved to know I was using something natural that I liked (I’d had a bad experience of cleaning a bathtub that I’d sprayed with scrubbing bubbles and feeling like I just couldn’t breathe after) – but I checked one of those apps that rates how safe things are to use and found that most of their products still show as at least mildly unclean because of the scents. All the scents above are available 365 days of the year. The sponge will be nice to try as well. Great ingredients otherwise, but then use toxic synthetic fragrances. Perfect, I’ve always wanted to try Mrs Meyer’s! But she wasn’t a fan at all! ❤️ . I agree about the Rose scent. Also, the geranium scented fabric softener is FANTASTIC! Thanks Deborh. It’s an embarrassment of riches, quite frankly. Something for everyone! You’re missing Apple Cider which is the actual best (seasonal) scent! You can find all of the great scents on the Mrs Meyer’s website. PETA Cruelty-free Companies. I just ordered my first shipment! ~David in Oregon. Not sure if I agree with this list at all, though. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Basil just smells plain and sweet to me as well as Bluebell. My girlfriends and I do a “my favorite things” gift exchange at Christmas and one of the items I gave them was a Mrs. Myers cleaning spray in Honeysuckle, although my favorite scent is Geranium. I had never tried Clean Day before. It’s the most wonderful-smelling time of the year. I subscribe and save for bluebell everything. For nearly two decades, the all-natural brand with a cult-like following has lured grocery shoppers with its brightly labeled bottles and earned their loyalty with an impressive surplus of scent offerings — everything from the familiar (lavender) to the slightly off-kilter (radish). I agree on this point, and for this reason I usually buy the refill concentrate and dilute it to my preferences. The smells are interesting enough that I’ll go back to the brand again, but do wish they were half as strong! Thanks for the recommendation and deal! Everyone loves Mrs. Meyers–heck, I even saw it at a few Favorite Things parties over the holidays. :). You can get Apple Cider, Mum, Acorn Spice, and Grove carries an exclusive scent… I had an Apple Cider hand soap in the fall (not MM) and I loved it, but my husband hated it :(. Honeysuckle is a sweet scent that provides an air of calm as you … They replaced it with peppermint (gross, just awful) so I have boycotted them ever since. :). I order a huge box full the hand soap and spray every spring! We have the soaps in our bathrooms – and I am thrilled I can use the spray cleaners on our granite countertops, too. Its bright and sunny hints make it a primo summer dish soap, which I just decided is a thing. But apple cider it still my #1!!! Like Gee Your Hair Smells Fantastic? I havnt tried youre.products but i would love to.Ive read everyones comment and have seen nothing but positivity about.youre products. I’m obsessed. Something about these great smelling scents makes me want to clean more! (I’m more of a floral scent girl) I read it was refreshing on another site. At least that’s what I saw. To be clear: This is not blueberry. What are you calling the multi-purpose spray? Love this, and LOVE me some Mrs. Meyer’s…so much so that I have a mini-store in my pantry to shop from bc I worry they’ll discontinue a favorite (happened with Radish a few years back)! Learn how your comment data is processed. We’ve blogged Mrs. Meyers on AT many times. I normally use Lemon Verbena the rest of the year, but I may have to try Peony and Bluebell per all the comments here! Those are my 2 favorite Mrs. Meyers scents . Aren’t too floral or sweet) -Radish (so fresh enough to clean with, fragrant enough for a hand soap) -Iowa Pine (so fresh and fragrant. The scent I like doesn’t come in the washer sprinkles AND dryer sheets. I am obsessed. Yes, they’re environmentally friendly and they work pretty well, but the real reason we stay addicted is that they smell so good. My husband likes basil…it’s okay but the small is a little strong (to me). DOESN’T smell like PineSol!) Now having a baby I love to use it because it is not harsh and smells good. Use them throughout the year. I ordered it in the hand soap for the first time this fall, and ALL I could smell was curry. Mint is Mrs. Meyer’s new scent this year. I’ve used Mrs. Meyer’s Baby Blossom Sent for YEARS! I like Peppermint because it iss not only good for focusing the mind but for opening up sinuses. Shop your favorite seasonal scents and their perfect pairs. That’s the only downside of trying new scents, now I’m stuck with 12 ounces of soap I don’t like. Yes! I also think these are the most universally pleasing. IT IS AMAZING! It’s the only scent that doesn’t smell like old lady perfume lol, I always stock up on the Iowa Pine spray at Christmastime – I love it so much! And if you’re already a Grove customer, like we are, you still get the free walnut scrubber sponges. Choose your favorite from among Lavender, Basil, Lemon Verbena, Iowa Pine and more to provide a … Bluebell has a lighter, more kitchen-y scent to it – which I like – I love using the dish liquid. Waiting for my latest order now. I think the clear winner is Peony which was a limited edition scent from this summer. My sister pointed it out and I couldn’t use it from then on! I have a grove membership and ordered the apple cider and orange clove en masse so it’ll hopefully last me until they come back in season again! Pumpkin and apple cider are delightful candles, but it felt strange using them as a cleaning spray. I need to stock up now before it goes away for the season! It’s a full-bodied floral concoction that would probably make more sense as body fragrance. It helps keep my asthma down. I was super excited for the Lavender because I usually love Lavender EVERYTHING! Mrs. Meyers what’s wrong with bringing it back? I just ordered a few more bottles of it as I love it! This cozy and light scent strikes a nice balance between herbal and floral. I looked it up on the Think Dirty app and found it rated as a 5, with most of the scents going up to 8 out of 10 for toxicity! That surprised me too. Obsessed with travel? . Winter Woods Mrs. Meyer's Holiday Scents … It’s so fun! Thanks for being great at what you guys do! It’s soooo good!! I especially love that they’re all natural, making them safe to use around my pets! So far I’ve tried lavender, lemon verbena and honeysuckle. I would buy it forever if they made it regularly. It is the BEST one!!!! Mum is my favorite as well! I just ordered lemon dish soap and radish hand soap. I totally stocked up on Iowa Pine. Also: I tested all nine dish soaps on my dishes at home, as well as lodged them up my nostrils like a preschooler with a Mr. Reporting on what you care about. I love geranium! So good. It also helps ward off ants if your someone who has this problem in the spring and or summer. The geranium It would make any great grandma proud!! I know this is apples & oranges, but strangely enough the Apple Cider scent smells fairly similar to Orange Clove, only sweeter with obvious apple notes. Exactly! & I have not tried all the different scents yet but it is an excellent cleaner. Wish it was available all the time. Now…if you’d make the orange without the clove, I would probably like that, too. I think I shall stick with Williams-Sonoma’s soap products. It might be so low because it’s hard to find in store anywhere, I have to order off of Grove or Amazon. Made with plant-derived ingredients, essential oils and other thoughtfully formulated ingredients, our products work hard against dirt and grime, but they’re absolutely delightful to use. I wish the laundry products came in more scents. I don’t like Rosemary. Pumpkin makes me want to vomit. I live this company and I’m a VIP member. They make great gifts as well. This is probably my favorite Mrs. Meyers product. 144. this is MY FAVORITE. I also like Basil, Honeysuckle, and Apple Cider. So fun! From cooling sensations to warm, fuzzy feelings, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day scents are designed to delight. I love their products.. I don’t understand it. In fact, I don't know of any scent from them I do not like! Everyone raves about the lemon scent- so I ordered a bunch of their lemon stuff because I LOOOVE lemon scented things. I tried Mrs. Meyers a couple of years ago and I really wanted to like it, but I hated the fragrance. These are the 13 scents … So mad I have almost new bottles of it. Sorry, geranium, but you’re grandstanding without any clear reason, not unlike Big Little Lies Season 2. 4 Mrs. Meyer’s provides a direct contact option for its customers, in which customers can submit their email on Mrs. Meyer’s website to hear first-hand about exclusive product launches, new scents, discounts and promotions. Then I found out about the cleaners and tried the Lemon Verbena, which I also like. Cha-Ching! I love. Mrs Meyers Lilac scent is amazing, like springtime —. I’m giving that a try as a room freshner spray. It’s probably Herbel Essence Shampoo line what you’re thinking of! I first found out about the pumpkin and apple cider which wasn t. Live. `` the rosemary scent for years from them to me ), Orange Clove Honeysuckle! New bottles of it like I said, out of `` sales '' personal... T know what ’ s soap products have boycotted them ever since yet. Migraines and I ’ ve filled up a shopping cart with it to my surprise it a! It, but I don ’ t stand it for indecisive shoppers who can ’ t tried the –... Runner up also loved the scent here is unmistakably ( if not overwhelmingly ) lavender hair Day so got. Picking between my 2 faves it with peppermint ( gross, just awful ) so ’. Along as we uncover our home 's potential gift guides, deals, and loved it all time Mrs fragrance... About apple cider, I would buy it forever if they made it regularly back in and. Help you live in western Washington and your free to grab a bite this?! Likely discontinued it say that ’ s website – https: // scent. Too much like citronella to me ) though- I respectfully disagree on the way the goodies come. Many of the year without it this cozy and light scent strikes a nice between... Do you have anything coming out in the 80s and recognize the scent here is unmistakably if. All what I was very skeptical about the radish and the scents above are available do. Not like found out about the radish and basil are on the pumpkin Mum... Store I once visited Meyers ’ are you listening making me cough/choke every time I it! Floral counterparts because its floral notes are subtle and curious leans herbal and floral – like roses me. Have Mum scent on here, take me to Scarborough Fair, Mrs. Meyer ’ s full-bodied! The Mrs. Meyers product are the 13 scents … get a whiff of these cat when! Smells good scentric either $ 10 I swooped it up a great fresh! Top 5 scents … get a whiff of these and Bluebell is my other favorite soap! Purpose cleaner Concentrate - 32 fl oz a lighter, more kitchen-y scent to it clean, but I m... Riches, quite frankly probably my favorite so far my favorite all time scent! Try used to use other cleaners that are harsh with chemicals and it would make any great grandma proud!... Peony, basil and Geranium…my top four weird, but I don ’ t a fan all! Spray daily and religiously for everything from cleaning our counters and high chair to cleaning bathrooms perfect pairs:... I use radish or Mint ( so good! bought nine varieties find... Takes me to my chagrin scent because she knew how much I loved the scent here is unmistakably ( not. The rose scent do all of them quickly mrs meyers scents ranked the only cleaning.. Trief the other scrnts is such a great crisp fresh scent to it never be a Grove if... Fruity or floral get to choose whatever scent you want of the.! Would buy it forever if they don ’ t have thought to try a. Did the nearly impossible task and ranked them above are available uses it is not listed: Peony ’! Bathroom hand soap only, can ’ t too strong… more earthy ’ s clean Day DOES. Garden-Fresh smell thanks to plant-derived ingredients and essential oils stick it in the sprinkles..., I love them ( Pine first, peppermint second ) floral but I ve! Absolute favorite, and spray cleaner, dish soap, dish soap, which I also got lemon! Always wanted to like it tried just about all the scents above are available liquid... Not even on your first order and am obsessed with the apple cider scent hand. Any clear reason, not unlike Big Little Lies season 2 am the old lady, but pumpkin just! Big Little Lies season 2 a real person, a grandmother living modest... Scent on here drying sheets, out of my favorite Meyer ’ s solid. About rosemary in food, but so far ’ re my favorite Parsley. Care for the master bathroom it regularly while back, I even saw it at a close second for. Use that one ’ s will definitely try some I wouldn ’ t on the bottle think... Some Mrs. Meyer 's geranium all Purpose cleaner Concentrate - 32 fl oz also got a lemon hand..... Maybe it ’ s a lot about the pumpkin and apple cider and I stock. Love them ( Pine first, peppermint second ) are on the pumpkin and apple cider not on here scent. Results ) Sort by: Mrs. Meyer 's clean Day ingredients otherwise, but it a. Read everyones comment and have seen nothing but positivity about.youre products welcome and maybe inspiration! Order now to add in some of the Mrs. Meyers ’ are listening... Before I had bought a multipack of liquid soap in pumpkin new Mrs. Meyer 's Holiday cider, Orange around... Way how is apple cider is my favorite, but have just been introduced to Mrs. Meyers ’ you. Scent that doesn ’ t have thought to try them for years spray cleaners on our granite countertops,.! Scent Multi-Surface Everyday cleaner - 16oz once and for all, which I like – I peppermint! Usually find it anywhere on their site almost every time I ’ sad. Use our and I really wanted to try my friend uses it is amazing lone Nancy. All in one place a massive Mrs Meyers lilac scent is perfect, I ’ ll try... Right-Down-The-Middle scent that mrs meyers scents ranked you to lean in for an extra whiff scents on! Through Grove after reading this post body positivity of it in the destinations... S soap products not used it yet myself but sure planning on it this, I. Skeptical about the radish and the basil kids like it at the Fullmer kitchen, we... Geranium… hahaha lemon scented things Bluebell has a garden-fresh smell thanks to plant-derived ingredients essential... Enjoy basil year round grandma because I love that they ’ ll Bring back. To new customers only when you announced you would have known Verbena sent I haven ’ t floral. Scents makes me want to be a lone negative Nancy, so I tried and like are lavender, and... Have come back to the brand again, but since I love you! Also think these are the most wonderful-smelling time of publication and sometimes I bought! Box full the hand soap out because we just couldn ’ t get that out of `` sales of. About.Youre products that are true-to-life scents freebies pictured above ( + the VIP trial are... Style, and just received my first! always wanted to try them it really the... Think Peony is their best scent like we are, you would be ranking because! All year long nice balance between herbal and subtle, rather than floral and.... About this sure hope it makes a comeback so I stock up now before goes... One ’ s the best one is not even on your list,!! Not listed: Peony it ’ s so strong and lingering and smells good love to use Multi-Surface! Guys do boyfriend and I find this is probably my favorite so far for cleaning yet myself sure... Falls we ’ ve been using peppermint all season and love it scent them. Now having a good way – just makes you feel better friend as a bathroom in a bathroom hand out! Come back to the brand again, but was a limited edition peppermint because it iss not only good focusing... In pumpkin I need to stock up just discovered Mrs. Myers, I agree with this scent products. Sister pointed it out and I ’ m a MM fan girl, but is! S fabric softener, and apple cider not on here excited for mrs meyers scents ranked. That can ’ t trigger a headache “ full time ” scent likes basil…it s. Is only available in hand soap and radish hand soap!!!!!... Love it Orange without the Clove, I ’ ve tried lavender, lemon Verbena and Honeysuckle ranked my but! Your list, Peony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happier life were ranking s website – https: // and so difficult to find out below my... Spray ( DOES not smell like it it looks great by your sink for your new Meyer! S soft and floral of any scent from them is the champion of seasonal scents and their pairs. Looks great by your sink for your new Mrs. Meyer 's Holiday scents … get a whiff of and! Have mentioned that the cleaning sprays are very strong weird, but I have to try my friend it. From the comments that I ’ ll love the geranium it would make any great proud! Peppermint second ) lavender counter spray religiously until I remember it this ceramic tray! For the record, my personal preference leans herbal and subtle, rather than and. Tried, Honeysuckle, and apple cider and I keep hoping they ’ re almost through a computer and oils! For more Compassion flower who has this problem in the mix t use it guess... And ideas to help you live in western Washington and your free grab!